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  • Katie Williams, Threadgold

3 ways to make your suits more seasonal

Autumn is the best time of year to show off your suits. It’s finally cool enough that you’re not dying of heatstroke, and not quite cold enough that you have to cover up with coat, hat and scarf.

If you are organised enough (and lucky enough) to have separate winter suits then I’m sure you’re getting them out of the wardrobe with glee, but if you tend to wear the same suits most of year, here are a few easy ways to change your look now Autumn is here.

1. Add a contrast waistcoat

contrasts waistcoats, tailoring, menswear

This is such a great way to freshen up an existing suit and create a whole new outfit. Adding a slightly heavier weight waistcoat, perhaps in a tweed or flannel can turn an ‘all year round suit’ into a warm autumn suit. Grey and Navy are probably the safest but don’t be afraid to play around with the autumn colour palette. Deep greens and burgundy’s can add real depth to a classic suit, similar but more obvious than a tie, and warmer too!

2. Swap the shirt for a roll neck

tailoring, rollneck, jumper, winter suits

A lot of people don’t love wearing shirts everyday and find they can be restrictive. This is a great way to combat this, with a contrasting rollback worn under the suit jacket instead. It’s warm, comfortable and smart, whilst giving you a modern and approachable look. Adding a pocket square to the jacket will make it clear that you’re stylish and well put together, whilst deviating from the norm.

3. Switch your shoes for boots

boots, bespoke, menswear, outfit

While the autumn/winter months can be lovely for dressing, the increase in rainfall often has a negative impact on your footwear and getting wet feet on the way to work has to be one of the most irritating starts to a day!

Put your shoes away and save them for spring (their soles could do with a rest anyway!) and invest in a couple of pairs of decent leather boots. The beautiful thing about this is they look just like shoes because your trousers are covering the top and they’re warmer, dryer and more comfortable. Not to mention you can wear them outside work as well. Bonus - no laces to tie and come undone in the rain!

If you are looking for an autumn/winter suit, then have a look at my post on flannel from last year. It’s still as relevant as ever. Luckily the old adage that style never goes out of fashion applies here! or contact me

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