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Making tailoring accessible to women

Naga Munchetty in her Threadgold suit

I’ve been designing and having my own clothes made for about 5 years now, which makes sense, I run my own tailoring company. But when women ask where I got a jacket or a pair of trousers from, they’re always surprised when I tell them I had them made. I realised that tailoring is something most women don’t consider or even realise it's an option for them. This alone isn’t remarkable, there aren’t as many tailoring options for women as men, and a lot of women assume you have to go to Savile Row, where you're looking at circa £3500 for a bespoke suit.

Busting tailoring myths for women

Each week I’m going to talk about a preconception regarding tailoring for women, the first issue being of course, the price.

#1 ’Tailoring is too expensive’

Yes, tailoring is more expensive than shopping on the high street, but it’s not more expensive than shopping designer. The first page of suits I looked at on NET-A-PORTER are all over £2500 for ready-to-wear suits. For me, this is an insane amount of money to spend on an off the peg suit. It is unlikely to fit you well and you could spend the same or less on something that is handmade exactly to your measurements, from higher quality materials and to your own specification.

It’s much harder for women to buy suits off the peg than men, yet more men tailor than women. Women’s bodies are much more 3-dimensional and the chances of these suits fitting well are pretty slim, so if you’re happy to spend this amount of money, I strongly urge you to look into bespoke options. Threadgold bespoke suits are hand made in London and start at £1650.

*To be clear, I’m just talking about bespoke suits, not made to measure. The main difference being bespoke suits are hand cut and hand made, with several fittings to ensure the perfect fit. Made-to-measure suits are machine made from a standard pattern, adjusted to your measurements, making it much harder to create the desired outcome.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

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