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I was both surprised and pleased with the consistency of these answers. The words 'well-fitted' was used more than any other. This was then followed by a broader selection of garments but the emphasis was most certainly on the fit over the clothes themselves. Even if you stop reading here and this is all you take away with you, I hope it helps.

A (well-fitted) Suit

While some may write a suit off as a work uniform or something out-dated, women still appreciate a man in a good suit. Cut well, a suit should emphasise your best features and disguise your worst. A sharp suit still stands out in a crowd and it is still the number one outfit women like to see men in. Not only that but if you invest in a good suit that fits you well, it should last the best part of a decade, well worth the investment in my opinion.

A (well-fitted) pair of Jeans

To be clear, when the term ‘fitted’ is used regarding jeans, we don’t mean a sprayed on pair of jeans that leave nothing to the imagination. We mean slim jeans worn above the line of your boxers with a belt. A pair of jeans that fits you well makes your bum look great, and we’ve noticed and appreciated this! If you find shopping for jeans hard, try Levis or Nudie jeans, who will help you find the perfect fit for your body shape.

A (well-fitted) T-shirt or Shirt

They say repetition is the mother of successful, so we’ll continue with the well-fitted theme. I would hope it goes without saying that said t-shirt or shirt should be ironed or pressed. As I’ve said before, the way you wear your clothes is as important as what you wear. Similar to the jeans, you don’t want to go super-tight on the shirt so you look like the hulk. We like a fitted shirt that subtlety shows off your body shape. Avoid thin cheap shirts at all costs, no one needs to see your nipples.

Smart Shoes

Don’t forget about your footwear. Good shoes can elevate or ruin an outfit. Start by ensuring your shoes are clean and polished. Women will notice if your shoes are scruffy and it implies you don’t pay attention to the little things. Then make sure you have more than one pair! Having a good range of footwear will go along way. Oxfords, brogues or Monk straps are a definite yes, along side a suede shoe and a couple of pairs of trainers. Remember, if you’re going to a smart place wear smart shoes. Trainers are cool but there’s still a time and a place for them.


Truth be told, we may often remember the fragrance you were wearing over the outfit. However subtlety is key. No one wants to walk into a room and and have their nose assaulted by an over-powering cologne. Smelling someone should be an intimate affair. You should only be aware of it when you’re in their personal space, that’s what makes it seductive. In keeping with this, find a scent that suits you and is rare. Smells are custodians of memories. Good or bad, it’s always satisfying to have a scent that will only remind people of you.


Last but by no means least. Women love men with confidence, and this includes the way they wear their clothes. If other men mock you for dressing differently from the pack, don’t waver and revert back. If you have confidence in the way you look and dress you’re more than half way there. Confidence is so attractive and is the perfect accessory to every outfit.

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