Make grey great again.

There seems to be a consensus with men, especially over the age of 40 that the only suit they look good in is a navy one. Grey is too dreary and obviously any other colour is out of the question in this city of conservative dressers. Here are a few easy ways to wear grey well. A navy is easy, it looks good on everyone and you don’t need to do much to your outfit to look smart and stylish. Wearing grey is tricker. You can run the risk of looking drab, it can age you and wash you out if not worn properly. But worn right you can look fantastic and turn heads for the right reason. Bear with me while I go on to compare a grey suit to a salad. On it’s own a bowl of spinach leaves looks bleak and u


I was both surprised and pleased with the consistency of these answers. The words 'well-fitted' was used more than any other. This was then followed by a broader selection of garments but the emphasis was most certainly on the fit over the clothes themselves. Even if you stop reading here and this is all you take away with you, I hope it helps. A (well-fitted) Suit While some may write a suit off as a work uniform or something out-dated, women still appreciate a man in a good suit. Cut well, a suit should emphasise your best features and disguise your worst. A sharp suit still stands out in a crowd and it is still the number one outfit women like to see men in. Not only that but if you inves

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